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Elderly Care

We recognize the value of growing older and our services ensure that care givers provide compassionate and reliable medical care to keep the elderly and dependent safe in their homes. Our Elderly Care Partnership Programs are specially designed programs to proactively enhance the health and wellness of the elderly. As patients need continuous support, this comprehensive package offers dedicated care to put families at ease. With full time service delivered by compassionate staff, this program allows for continuum of care and rehabilitation that builds a sense of independence in patients. Specialized and personal year round care helps give seniors a sense of independence, for a more comfortable treatment alternative.

Our Elderly Care Plans involve:

  • Health checks at Apollo Hospitals
  • Regular home visits by physicians
  • Frequent visits by nurses, dietitians and counselors
  • Need based lab tests
  • Review sessions for families that includes a web based portal
  • Personalized health records
  • 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Pharmacy refills delivered home


We understand that happiness is unique for everyone! Customize your own Elderly Care Plan with services that are personal to you! Call us at -1860 500 8585

To know more about customisable 3 and 6 month elderly care plans, click here.


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